Joseph Prettner

Wishing the family our love and much strength working through the coming days, weeks, months. Thinking of you all.

Genaro Montenegro

To my dear grandfather, I miss you so much and long to be there to say my goodbye but I was not able to ... I will miss laughing so hard with you mocking dancing being silly amd just having fun together . You showed me all that a father husband grandfather and what a man should be for his family. You were the most stable man I ever had in my life and I will treasure that for ever and forever ve greatful for all you have done. Until we see each other again I'm heaven good bye for now we love you so very very much but forever in our hearts your granddaughter Jacqui ,Kevin and great-grandchildren Remy , Mya , Israel , Caleb and newlyborn Rafael All our love ❤️

Genaro Montenegro


Brian Bennett

"into the woods we used to go, down by the tree. Along came a bumble bee, buzz, buzz, buzz. Get away you bumble bee - I ain't no rose. I ain't no pretty little flower, so get off my blinkin' nose. If you want gum, go and ask my chum - cuz' you won't get none round' here". I remember you singing this tune to be over and over again when we would come in visit you. I now share this song with my own babies. Love you grandad. Karla, Shaun, Jack & Lily. xx


Genaro Montenegro

Taya Angel Elle-Louise and Patricia Renise Young