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Nicky (Wright), Rob and Daniel Jacob on 3 August, 2017 at 11:13pm

To My darling Auntie Shirley

I am glad I took the time over the years to call you and come and see you. Each time we saw you it didn't look like you had aged one bit. We had a chance to laugh, talk, gossip, you give me parental advise!, and share our families together

When I was younger and you and Uncle Pete and the boys lived in Oakleigh I was a little scared of you! You always seemed to be cleaning and rushing around and ....... smoking Marlborough Red they really stunk!
You moved to Coffs Harbour and then on to Queensland and we didn't see you very much for a while. I came up with a girlfriend Jacquie for the World Expo and had a grand time - met a boy who you promptly decided was no good, and smashed my car door which uncle Pete had to panel beat out - all in 7 days - I bet you were glad when we left!!

As I got older and had my own child we shared more about motherhood. You talked (probably not willing as all Wrights but with my constant persistence) you talked about when you were all younger. Your life with my father Geoff and your brothers and when you met Uncle Pete. We talked for hours about the jobs you had and things you had achieved in your life. At the time I said it to you and you dismissed me but in my hear I have always believed you to be one of the strongest women I have ever known. Your ability to overcome obstacles and deal with what life had to give you was very admirable. This would probably account for why when my mum rang to tell me you were really ill it took a while to comprehend.

I am so glad I came to see you just before you went. It was partly because I needed to believe you were really going this time and secondly because you had been a bigger part of my life than maybe you had thought.

Rob my husband had definitely confirmed that my stubbornness came from the Wright family and this was only confirmed when spending time with you when we came to visit. We offered to cook, we offered to clean, we offered to take you out ... after you absolutely refusing several times we decided to leave some money secretly in a card when we left - Rob was actually scared to leave the card on the table incase you found it before we left and yelled at us (in a nice way)

I was always delighted when you would say when we talked that you were looking at a photo of Daniel our son, when we called. He was sitting on the table next to you and he made you smile when you looked at it which made me happy.

So, you will be sadly missed but I really do believe you have lived a life that will be remembered by many. Those you loved, those who loved you and those you met will all have an impression that will leave them with a warm heart and a reason to make them smile

I will miss you. I am glad you are no longer in pain and know that you are in Heaven now and at Peace. You are in our thoughts, your memories make me smile and we hold you in our prayers.

Daniel would like to add that if you could find his guinea pigs Scratchy and Nupkin (they are also now in Heaven) they will look after you. He would like you to tell them he wants them to look after you and give you

You will always be close by and I will talk to you again soon.

Love and kisses always your niece Nicky xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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